Friday, October 24, 2014

since that night on my couch

and so
i lick my fingers and turn the page
forbidding myself from thinking about
how the color of the moon
reminds me of how long it has been
since i have held in my hands
a heart that was not
my own

photo : tumblr.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

and then you came

i taste like midnight and bergamot
ok no, more like booze and perhaps a little pot
you taste like coffee and the phases of the moon
and so i lick my lips when the sky turns maroon

and i kick against clean sheets and rush through hushed trees
past vanilla flavored houses where no one dares to speak
where lovers sell each other their phony lies
and the night marquee is their singular disguise

what i want is the desolation of the night
what i really want is a rare and lovely life

photo : tumblr.

Monday, October 13, 2014

the others

it started with your lips
just your lips
and then your eyes
those god damn eyes 
will fuck me eternally 

then came the nights
where we disappeared
within the darkness of one another
out of mind, out of touch
a mosaic of truth

but now you lock yourself
behind doors of a cold room alone
and you tell yourself
you're creating something
worth my wasted while

and your pen ink drips
down your fingertips like blood
using metaphors for your mother
in a desperate attempt to
cipher a canvas of abstract art

you can whisper words and write similes
but there aren't enough for me—
a sullen paradox of a girl
you cannot fathom all the pain
that lives beneath my rib-cage
but you say it's your skin 
you must live in...

still, when did you stop being you
and become one of them?